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For some customers and industries there are no ready-made search and analysis solutions. Reel Two's services group addresses that need by offering custom built search portals, data mining solutions and databases. Recent projects include:

New Zealand national dairy industry database and performance analysis portal

Research funder Dairy Insight realized the industry had to unify its fragmented approach to monitoring business performance and determining best practices. The organization commissioned Reel Two to develop a national portal and database that would enable dairy farms to measure performance, improve business management and increase profitability. The database will also help improve economic surveys and industry reporting since statistics can now be drawn directly from farm financial data on accountants' computers.

Automated literature annotation of gene sequences

A US-based plant sciences firm needed to identify the value of a large collection of proprietary gene sequence data. The best way to do this is to link the sequences to scientific literature that could explain more about the sequence functions. Reel Two designed and implemented a system for matching the sequences against a wide range of public databases, returning relevant documents and ranking them according to user preferences. The solution is deployed on the client's site.

New Zealand livestock data collection and analysis portal

Farm consultancy AgriNetworks was seeking a way to offer its Sheep for Profit service to thousands of farms rather than the one hundred it was serving in 2004. It commissioned Reel Two to create an online information collection and analysis portal. Now sheep and beef farmers can electronically submit data on the performance of their animal production systems, soil and climate condition reports and financial records. This enables Sheep for Profit to assist farmers identify factors hampering their business and suggest solutions to increase productivity. By entering their data in the site themselves, farmers also get an updated report in hours rather than the three to four days that previously were required. Reel Two is hosting this portal at its facilities in Innovation Park, Hamilton.

More generally, Reel Two offers services for:

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