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Reel Two offers range of powerful tools for text search and analysis. SureChem enables users to quickly identify all the chemical compounds in text documents, such as patents or journal abstracts. Classification System is a versatile application allowing rapid, custom categorization of text files or documents in either desktop or enterprise configurations. The Entity Extractor is a software development kit that lets users implement their own systems of identifying, tagging and marking up documents for specific types of terms, such as people, place names and company names. This can be combined with Classification System for a powerful search and analysis system.

SureChem Portal SureChem Database Classifier

SureChem Database

The SureChem Database is a comprehensive, rapidly updated patent chemistry database for internal use. It gives users in-house, structure-searchable access to 5.4 million unique compounds extracted from the full text of US, European and WO patent documents. The database covers more than 164 million chemical occurrences in over 7.3 million applications and granted patents. It is easily loaded into most databases (Oracle, DB2, MySQL etc) — no software installation or integration. Updates are transmitted within days of patents and applications being published by the patent offices.

The structure and patent data contained in the SureChem Database mirrors than found in Reel Two's SureChem Search Portal. Extensive formatting, error correction and data processing have been performed to optimize the patent data for chemical entity extraction and structure conversion. In particular, Reel Two has developed error correction heuristics that significantly improve performance on WO applications, which are often marred by poor optical character recognition issues. Multiple name-to-structure conversion tools are used to ensure the highest possible accuracy. SureChem also indexes image data for selected subsets of patents.

For detailed information, including database statistics, database fields and custom options, please contact sales@reeltwo.com. For those users seeking online chemistry patent search, Reel Two has developed the SureChem Search Portal.