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Reel Two offers range of powerful tools for text search and analysis. SureChem enables users to quickly identify all the chemical compounds in text documents, such as patents or journal abstracts. Classification System is a versatile application allowing rapid, custom categorization of text files or documents in either desktop or enterprise configurations. The Entity Extractor is a software development kit that lets users implement their own systems of identifying, tagging and marking up documents for specific types of terms, such as people, place names and company names. This can be combined with Classification System for a powerful search and analysis system.

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Reel Two Classification System Screenshots

Following are screenshots showing features of the Reel Two Classification System GUI.

Main Document Display

The main document display shows how documents have been rated and/or predicted into the selected category. The Confidence column shows how well each document fits into the category. The colorized document view shows which parts of the selected document are relevant to the current category.

CS Screenshot

Category Statistics Display

Gives detailed statistics on a per category basis. Plots of precision, recall and F-measure show their trade-offs against selecting in category thresholds.

CS Screenshot

Model Statistics Display

The model statistics page gives a quick visual summary of key statistics for all categories.

CS Screenshot

Multiple Language Support

Java's use of unicode allows seamless support for the categorization and display of many languages.

CS Screenshot