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Reel Two offers range of powerful tools for text search and analysis. SureChem enables users to quickly identify all the chemical compounds in text documents, such as patents or journal abstracts. Classification System is a versatile application allowing rapid, custom categorization of text files or documents in either desktop or enterprise configurations. The Entity Extractor is a software development kit that lets users implement their own systems of identifying, tagging and marking up documents for specific types of terms, such as people, place names and company names. This can be combined with Classification System for a powerful search and analysis system.

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Reel Two Classification System

Advanced Automatic Text and Data Classification

Classification System enables users to organize unstructured text documents according to the topics most useful or relevant to their business or research. Find medical literature about specific genes, patent documents related to types of technology, or web pages describing key competitors. Classification System can also be used to filter out irrelevant documents, significantly improving the quality of keyword searches.

Based on Reel Two's patented Weighted Confidence Learner algorithm, Classification System delivers high accuracy and throughput. It is easy to use and quick to integrate - desktop installations can take as little as three minutes. The system can be quickly trained to recognize categories of interest to the user. Real time performance analysis shows users exactly how well Classification System is performing, helping to guide them through the training process. In some cases a custom classification system can be up and running in less than an hour.

The Classification System is written in pure Java, so it is completely cross-platform. We test the system with over 5,000 unit tests across a number of platforms, including Windows 2000/XP, Solaris and Linux.

To see how Classification System is solving problems for Reel Two clients, visit our Use Cases page.

Classification System 2.4.6