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Reel Two debuts SureChem Database

Unique product enables in-house structure searching of chemicals from US, EP and WO full text patents

May 1, 2007

For the first time, patent analysts and chemists can have in-house access to a comprehensive database of chemicals extracted from the world's major patent data sources. The SureChem database contains more than 5.4 million chemical structures extracted from the full text of USPTO, EPO and WO patent documents. Updates are available within days of new applications and granted patent publication by the relevant patent offices. It is easily loaded into most databases (Oracle, DB2, MySQL etc). There is no software to install, no integration to perform.

To generate SureChem, Reel Two used its text mining expertise to extract all chemical names from the full text of all US, EPO and WO patents and convert them to chemical structures. Extensive formatting, error correction and data processing were performed to optimize the patent data for chemical entity extraction and structure conversion. Multiple name-to-structure conversion tools are used to ensure the highest possible accuracy. The SureChem Database is also used to power Reel Two's SureChem Search Portal at www.patentanalysis.com.

For more information on SureChem, please contact sales@reeltwo.com or visit www.reeltwo.com.

About Reel Two

Reel Two develops and markets advanced search and analysis software, including hosted and onsite applications for chemistry and biology research as well as text mining tools that address problems across a wide range of industries. The company also offers software development services, drawing on a team of developers with extensive experience in data and text mining, machine learning, and development of enterprise and hosted data portals. Reel Two is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has development offices in Hamilton, New Zealand. For information about Reel Two products and services, please visit www.reeltwo.com.