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BiogenIdec licenses SureChem

Firm will use SureChem to build structure databases for patents, literature

Oct 25, 2005

Cambridge, MA

BiogenIdec has licensed the enterprise version of Reel Two's new SureChem product. The company will use SureChem to construct relational databases of the structures found in patent data and literature.

"SureChem represents a significant advancement for tagging of compounds in text, addressing a key gap in literature informatics workflows," said William Hayes, Associate Director of Research Informatics. SureChem will be used in both cheminformatics and patent analysis applications.

About SureChem

SureChem enables users to find all the chemical structures in a patent, journal article, conference proceeding or any other text document. One can search by chemical name, 2D or 3D structure or SMILES string. Visual display of structure images, compound names and document highlights let you quickly figure out which documents and compounds are relevant to your search.

SureChem works by extracting chemical names from text documents and converting them into chemical compound structures. Because SureChem can recognize what is and is not a chemical name, it does not rely on manually-curated compound name or structure databases. For more information contact sales@reeltwo.com.