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Reel Two to offer patent search & analysis service

Users to search world patent data using Reel Two text mining tools

Sep 26, 2005

Hamilton, NZ

Reel Two will be offering a portal-based service for search and analysis of patent data. Users will be able to search US, European, Japanese and Australasian patents using a variety of advanced search tools based on Reel Two's proprietary text mining technologies. The new service will be offered by Patent Analysis Ltd, a Reel Two joint-venture company. the new company will provide an online portal

Patent Analysis expects to have the first commercial version of its search portal operational by Q1 2006. Data will initially be granted patents and applications from the US Patent and Trademark Office. During Q1 and Q2 of 2006 this will grow to include patent and application data from Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. All patent collections will be offered as fully searchable text. Patent Analysis will be the only source worldwide for fully searchable text versions of New Zealand patents.

For more information please visit www.patentanalysis.com.