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Reel Two launches SureChem Alpha

New tool will enable search of text by chemical compound structure or name.

Dec 1, 2004

Reel Two, Inc. has released an alpha version of SureChem, a unique product that enables researchers and intellectual property analysts to find all the chemical compounds related to their text search queries.

SureChem searches documents by name or structure. Compound names are highlighted in the text of documents such as MEDLINE abstracts, full-text patent documents and journal articles. SureChem also displays associations between compounds and the search query. SureChem is powered by Reel Two's Entity Extractor, a technology that rapidly identifies, tags and extracts single and multiple-word proper name entities, and OpenEye Scientific Software's OGHAM, a toolkit that enables accurate conversion between chemical names and structures.

SureChem will first be available as an onsite installation and later as a hosted online service. Like all Reel Two products it is written in Java for cross-platform compatibility. For a demo of the SureChem alpha version, please visit www.surechem.org. For more information about SureChem, including features, coming releases and licensing, please contact sales@reeltwo.com.