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EBI validates Reel Two Software

Results of collaboration presented at GO Users Meeting

Jan 16, 2004

The European Bioinformatics Institute and Flybase have validated Reel Two's classification of Medline according the Gene Ontology terms. This collaboration is the first step in developing a system to vastly increase the number of GO term literature annotations.

While the Gene Ontology references biomedical literature that illustrates the concept behind a GO term, it does not provide a comprehensive listing of related articles. Researchers could thus benefit from an automated system that substantially increases the amount of GO-related literature. This in turn can be used to increase number of inferred gene and protein annotations, expose semantic links between GO terms, possibly uncover and amend biases in current curation due to research trends, electronically inferred annotation, etc.

Having obtained promising results from the validation, Reel Two is working with EBI and Flybase to develop an interactive system that covers all of GO, allows for worldwide curation and automated learning.

Results of the validation were presented to the Gene Ontology Users Meeting, held at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA on January 15, 2004. Click here to see the slides that accompanied the talk.