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Reel Two Moves to NZ Tech Center

Hamilton development operation becomes launch tenant at Waikato Innovation Park

Jan 5, 2004

Reel Two Ltd. has moved its operations to Waikato Innovation Park, a newly opened commercial and research center for regional life science and technology companies.

Reel Two Ltd., The New Zealand-based development subsidiary of Reel Two, Inc., is a launch tenant in the new facility, joining a dozen other IT, biotech and agri-tech companies. The move will allow Reel Two to benefit from the state-of-the art computer, network and office facilities and bring the company closer to other Waikato innovators.

About Waikato Innovation Park

Funded initially by a mix of public and private interests, Waikato Innovation Park is designed to encourage the region's development as a center of excellence for life sciences and information and communications technology. The facility provides advanced business and R&D infrastructure and an environment designed to foster collaboration between commercial and academic organizations. Innvoation Park will also be home to a business incubator.

Support for the development of Innovation Park came from the Hamilton City Council, the Wel Energy Trust Trade and Enterprise New Zealand, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Telecom's Advanced Services Group.