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GO KDS Classifies More than 12 Million MEDLINE Documents Utilizing the Gene Ontology

New life science solution Classifies More than 12 Million MEDLINE entries according to the Gene Ontology

Oct 1, 2002

GeneEd and Reel Two and GeneEd Launch Powerful Text-Mining Solution for the Life Science Industry

Advanced data mining software provider Reel Two and GeneEd, the leading Life Science e-learning provider have launched a powerful new text-mining tool for life sciences research. The Gene Ontology Knowledge Discovery System (GO KDS) is the first application designed to classify unstructured documents according to the widely used Gene Ontology. GO KDS has classified the full set of more than 12 million MEDLINE documents classified against the Gene Ontology terms. Researchers, drug developers, clinical research teams, and clinicians can now use this tool to find complex associations between specific gene functions and current research on diseases.

"GeneEd is honored to assist in delivering Reel Two's text mining expertise to such a knowledge-driven industry as Life Sciences," said Dr. Sunil Maulik, chief executive officer for GeneEd. "The combination of GeneEd's expertise in genomics, drug discovery, and clinical research and the tremendous text and data mining expertise of the Reel Two team has allowed both organizations to cooperatively deliver such a powerful and immediately useful scientific and medical information mining solution as GO KDS to the Life Science industry."

GO KDS is currently being evaluated by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers. GO KDS is available as a hosted service, or can be installed behind the firewall. Custom implementations of GO KDS can also incorporate different public and proprietary taxonomies, which can be applied to text data from any source the client requires. You can learn more about GO KDS at http://go-kds.com/.

GeneEd and Reel Two have formed a strategic alliance to provide knowledge discovery solutions for the life sciences industry. The two companies have developed a series of solutions to enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to swiftly organize their vast reserves of unstructured data, text, and legacy content, reducing time and cost in areas such as research and development, drug discovery and clinical trials.

"The GO KDS is a perfect example of how GeneEd's in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing its clients enable this partnership to develop solutions that solve critical problems for the Life Science industry," said Michael Faust, Reel Two's chief executive officer. "GeneEd's domain expertise in the life sciences combined with Reel Two's expertise in data mining, text compression, and knowledge management has allowed us to rapidly develop a suite of cutting-edge solutions in response to our major pharmaceutical partner's needs."

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