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Reel Two to Present at NZ Biotech Conference

Reel Two CTO John Cleary presents "Connecting Gene Function to Literature" at NZ Bioinformatics Conference

Feb 11, 2002

Reel Two CTO John Cleary will present "Connecting Gene
Function to Literature" at the NZ Bioinformatics Conference this
February 13-14th in Dunedin, NZ. The presentation abstract:

One of the major challenges facing bio-informatics is the problem of how
to connect disparate sources of information. A system that connects gene
function with published papers is described. It uses Gene Ontology terms
to specify the gene function. Each Gene Ontology term is linked to
related abstracts taken from all the 12 million entries in the PUBMED
corpus. Machine learning technology is used to train the system on
27,000 abstracts that have been assigned to 3,500 Gene Ontology terms by
human editors. A description will be given of the challenges and
solutions required for a system of this size.

For more information about the conference, please visit the conference site at http://bioconf.otago.ac.nz/