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May 1, 2007 Reel Two debuts SureChem Database
Unique product enables in-house structure searching of chemicals from US, EP and WO full text patents

Feb 1, 2007 Drug Discovery News on Reel Two/ACDLabs Collaboration
Article examines companies' efforts to improve state of art in chemical name-to-structure conversion

Jan 22, 2007 Reel Two and ACD/Labs Partner on SureChem
Reel Two to use ACD/Name to Structure in its SureChem portal and enterprise products

Sep 9, 2006 CambridgeSoft and Reel Two introduce CambridgeSoft Patent Database, a new patent chemistry database
Portal makes it easy to find and extract structures in patent data

Jan 27, 2006 Drug Discovery Today article features SureChem (Drug Discovery Today)
AstraZeneca researcher writes how SureChem solves problem of searching text for chemical structures

Dec 15, 2005 Classification System helps Hamilton city planning (Hamilton, New Zealand)
Hamilton-based consultants describe how they used Reel Two's Classification System to interpret citizen survey data

Oct 25, 2005 BiogenIdec licenses SureChem (BiogenIdec)
Firm will use SureChem to build structure databases for patents, literature

Sep 26, 2005 Reel Two to offer patent search & analysis service (Reel Two)
Users to search world patent data using Reel Two text mining tools

Sep 15, 2005 Reel Two licenses sequence matching technology to CGL (Reel Two)
CGL to productize, distribute Cartesian high speed gene sequence matching tool

Jul 28, 2005 Reel Two's SureGene Research published in JBCB (Reel Two)
Paper reviews Reel Two-AstraZeneca gene name disambiguation system

Mar 31, 2005 Reel Two Buys Cartesian Software (NZ Herald)
Genesis Research and Development sells Cartesian software to its development partner Reel Two

Mar 18, 2005 Reel Two to Create Tools for Industry-Wide Dairy Data (NZPA)
Research funder Dairy Insight awards Reel Two contracts to supply software for a new national dairy industry database and supporting systems

Dec 1, 2004 Reel Two launches SureChem Alpha (San Fransico)
New tool will enable search of text by chemical compound structure or name.

Nov 29, 2004 BioInform on new Reel Two Products (New York, NY)
Bioinformatics weekly looks at SureGene, SureChem

Jun 25, 2004 Reel Two to present at IEEE CSB '04 (Reel Two)
Talk will examine Reel Two's gene name disambiguation system

May 28, 2004 BioInform on how Incyte uses Reel Two software (BioInform)
Bioinformatics weekly looks at how Incyte Proteome curators are using Classification System

Apr 23, 2004 Reel Two expands into Japan with CTC (Reel Two)
Reel Two selects CTC Laboratory Systems as exclusive Japan distributor

Feb 10, 2004 AgriNetworks to Launch Reel Two-powered Portal (NZ Herald)
New system enables agriculture consultancy to directly service thousands of farms, up from current base of 100

Jan 16, 2004 EBI validates Reel Two Software
Results of collaboration presented at GO Users Meeting

Jan 5, 2004 Reel Two Moves to NZ Tech Center (Reel Two)
Hamilton development operation becomes launch tenant at Waikato Innovation Park

Jul 4, 2003 Reel Two Presents at ISMB (Brisbane, Australia)
Access papers on text mining and bio-ontologies

Jan 31, 2003 Reel Two licenses text mining application to AstraZeneca (Reel Two)
AstraZeneca to use Classification System in global discovery R&D.

Jan 1, 2003 Genome Technology Feature (Genome Technology)
Reel Two Classification System compares favorably with popular document search systems.

Nov 28, 2002 Reel Two catches Sun's eye (Computerworld)
Sun's Director of Global Life Sciences discusses how Reel Two products address critical life science industry problems

Nov 1, 2002 Reel Two to present at 8th International Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference (Auckland, New Zealand)
Reel Two to present at 8th International Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference

Oct 1, 2002 GO KDS Classifies More than 12 Million MEDLINE Documents Utilizing the Gene Ontology (Reel Two)
New life science solution Classifies More than 12 Million MEDLINE entries according to the Gene Ontology

Feb 11, 2002 Reel Two to Present at NZ Biotech Conference (Reel Two)
Reel Two CTO John Cleary presents "Connecting Gene Function to Literature" at NZ Bioinformatics Conference