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Reel Two tackles the tough problems in search and data analysis. Our software products and services provide scientists, analysts and managers with quick, intuitive access to the information that is most relevant to their work. We offer sector-specific solutions, such as our SureChem Portal and SureChem Database, as well as products like our Classification System that can solve problems across a range of industries and applications.

Reel Two's team of developers and consultants brings together decades of experience in data and text mining, machine learning, and solutions architecture. We are experts in Java development adept at integrating and deploying standards-based open source technologies that companies are increasingly turning to for their enterprise systems.

In addition to our own products, Reel Two designs custom portals and other data search & retrieval solutions for our services clients. To find out more about Reel Two and how we can help you find the information you need, contact us.


May 1, 2007 Reel Two debuts SureChem Database
Unique product enables in-house structure searching of chemicals from US, EP and WO full text patents

Feb 1, 2007 Drug Discovery News on Reel Two/ACDLabs Collaboration
Article examines companies' efforts to improve state of art in chemical name-to-structure conversion

Jan 22, 2007 Reel Two and ACD/Labs Partner on SureChem
Reel Two to use ACD/Name to Structure in its SureChem portal and enterprise products

Sep 9, 2006 CambridgeSoft and Reel Two introduce CambridgeSoft Patent Database, a new patent chemistry database
Portal makes it easy to find and extract structures in patent data