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Reel Two specializes in software products and services for advanced search and analysis. Our products and custom solutions include application-specific tools for scientific research and text and data mining engineers that can solve problems across a range of industries and applications. Our team of developers and consultants has extensive experience in data and text mining, machine learning, database design and aggregation and development of enterprise and hosted portal solutions. Reel Two has its headquarters in San Francisco, California and has development offices in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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Reel Two is associated and partnered with a number of industry, government and academic groups.


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OpenEye Scientific Software develops large-scale molecular modeling applications and toolkits. Primarily geared towards drug discovery and design, areas of application include structure generation, docking, shape comparison, charge/electrostatics, chemical informatics and visualization. Reel Two incorporates aspects of OpenEye's OEChem product in SureChem.

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The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is a non-profit academic organization that forms part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). The EBI is a centre for research and services in bioinformatics. The Institute manages databases of biological data including nucleic acid, protein sequences and macromolecular structures.

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CTC Laboratory Systems sells research and development solutions to the Japanese pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing markets. CTC has exclusive arrangements with a wide range of US and Europeans bioinformatics and equipment suppliers. CTC counts Japan's top 60 pharma and top 40 chemical firms among its customers.


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The Patent Information Users Group, Inc. (PIUG), the International Society for Patent Information is a not-for-profit organization for individuals having a professional, scientific or technical interest in patent information.

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The San Francisco Bay Area Bioscience Center is a public-private partnership and forum organized to strengthen the competitiveness of the region as the premier global location for bioscience research, education, and industry.

[NZBA Logo]

The objectives of the Association shall be the improvement and diffusion of knowledge of biotechnology in New Zealand; to represent the interests of those concerned with biotechnology in New Zealand; to provide a forum for interaction among the disciplines involved in biotechnology; and to foster an environment conducive to the growth of biotechnology-based industries in New Zealand.

[University of Waikato Logo]

Reel Two enjoys a close relationship with this University which has gained worldwide respect for the strength of its computer science department. Reel Two's consultant team includes professors and graduate students from the University, which is also where the majority of the company's Ph.D. staff obtained their degrees.

[Innovation Waikato Logo]

Innovation Waikato is to become the centre of excellence for Innovation in the Waikato region providing: A network of deep subject matter expertise in Life Sciences, ICT and Hi-tech sectors; A culture of collaboration and innovation between research, entrepreneurs and business; A core facilities building providing business infrastructure ready to accelerate and incubate new business.