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Reel Two specializes in software products and services for advanced search and analysis. Our products and custom solutions include application-specific tools for scientific research and text and data mining engineers that can solve problems across a range of industries and applications. Our team of developers and consultants has extensive experience in data and text mining, machine learning, database design and aggregation and development of enterprise and hosted portal solutions. Reel Two has its headquarters in San Francisco, California and has development offices in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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San Francisco

2255 Van Ness Avenue
Suite 101
San Francisco, CA 94109
ph: 415.775.7630
fax: 415.775.7631
email: info@reeltwo.com
New Zealand

Innovation Park
Ruakura Rd
PO Box 1538
Hamilton, New Zealand
ph: (64) 7.857.0702
fax: (64) 7.857.0701
email: info@reeltwo.com